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The Dark Web – Dark Side of the Internet

We have heard of the Dark Web but what actually is it? What happens there? 

As this great graphic from CartwrightKing Solicitors explains, “The Dark Web is the hidden side of the internet. Although a public space, special access and software is required to reach its hidden depths. It also forms part of the larger Deep Web which is not indexed by search engines such as Google.”

Take a look and learn more about:

-The Structure of the Internet
-Who is on the Dark Web
-Personal Data for Sale
-A Timeline
-Facts and Figures
-What is Being Done about the Dark Web
-Ways to Stay Safe Online

dark webThis article reminds readers not to click on links and attachments unless they come from a known sender. But keep in mind that Phishing and Smishing scams can make messages from known sources suspect as well. When in doubt, double check with the source before opening.

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