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Secure Virtual Workspace for Today’s Professional Landscape

By 03/16/2020 No Comments
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With Citrix Cloud Services, your virtual workspace can be ready to support your remote workers quickly and securely.

The news is full of stories about large corporations like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft telling their employees to work from home until the COVID-19 crisis is past. But what about your business? If you need to have your employees work from home – and perhaps that need is already here – can you do it? More importantly, can you do it without compromising security or losing control of your corporate data?

Citrix pioneered what is now being called the “virtual workspace” years ago, and is still the industry leader in this technology. Our Citrix customers are already securely supporting remote workers while still protecting critical company data.

“But,” you may say, “we don’t have the resources/manpower/expertise to build a Citrix infrastructure – especially given the urgency of the situation!” Not to worry – Citrix has already built one, and you can tap into it. With Citrix Cloud Services, all you need are the virtualization hosts to support the application workloads, and those hosts can be in your own data center, or the co-location facility or public cloud of your choice. All of the Citrix control plane components have already been built and will be maintained and upgraded as needed by Citrix, so your implementation will be evergreen. With Citrix Cloud Services, your virtual workspace can typically be ready to support your remote workers in less than a week from the time the licenses are secured.

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