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Consolidating Data Center Resources for Superior Performance through Hyper-Convergence

Does your organization manage and maintain disparate sets of data within its IT infrastructure? Hyper-convergence can be used to streamline infrastructure deployment and management, vastly improving productivity and reducing IT costs. By combining your data structures and streamlining your data-related operations, you can pool your resources and create a single, easily monitored, and better maintained data solution.

Increased Scalability and Flexibility

By creating an array of hardware systems within a single storage infrastructure, you also vastly simplify your upgrade protocols. A hyper-converged storage solution will be easier for your business to scale upwards as needed because only a single resource needs to be improved and deployed. Not only does this reduce the initial investment of creating your data solution, but it reduces the overall cost of ownership as the system grows.

As all resources are pooled, a hyper-converged storage solution is extremely elastic; as data is requested, resources will be allocated on-the-fly to compensate for any increases in activity. In addition to elasticity, a hyper-converged platform also maintains higher flexibility. A hyper-converged solution differs from a unified solution as separate applications and data structures can still be used within the hyper-converged platform; a unified solution would instead connect all data through a single overarching structure, reducing your ability to tailor your data structures to your organizational needs.

Reduced Cost and Maintenance

It’s easy to see that the upfront cost of deployment and installation is far less for a hyper-converged solution because all of the physical equipment and software is shared – but it’s really the maintenance, administrative, and other associated costs that are beneficial. With a single system to monitor and maintain, an administrator will spend far fewer work hours repairing, controlling, and integrating your data solution. Not only do IT costs go down, but productivity goes up; an easier to maintain and repair system will be up and available more often, reducing business disruption. In general, the easier to administer (and thus, more fool proof) a system is, the less the organization must invest in its upkeep.

Improved Security and Simplicity

Consolidating data within a single solution is inherently more secure. When hyper-convergence is utilized, only a single platform for data has to be monitored for potential vulnerabilities and security issues. The converged data solution acts as a single device for the purposes of network security, ensuring that traffic and activity can be safely logged and analyzed for any likely threat.

Likewise, the simplicity of a hyper-converged solution makes it far easier to detect vulnerabilities and to proactively remove them before they lead to disruption. With a centralized system of hardware and software, it’s immediately obvious when an issue has been detected.

Hyper-Convergence Expertise

A sophisticated integrator, such as Xiologix, can discuss your data center needs and help you determine whether hyper-convergence may be the solution for you. Xiologix leverages top-tier, best-in-class technologies to secure your network, implement critical controls, and protect your data from threat. With diverse business practices, experts within their field, and innovative IT security solutions, Xiologix is able to deliver unparalleled data breach prevention and management consulting and service.