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What is SIEM Protection and Why do I Need It?

The greater your visibility into the total network, the easier it is to do a thorough job of securing that network and protecting your critical assets. For IT administrators, there can be dark spots where they have no visibility that represent real security risks that hackers can and will exploit. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions increase network transparency and allow you to do a better job of catching suspicious or malicious behavior.

How SIEM Benefits Your Network’s Security

SIEM allows busy IT administrators to easily glimpse how the network is working through one single pane of glass. With a SIEM solution administrators can view, analyze, and act on data that is housed in multiple locations and originates from a variety of sources. By aggregating this data, SIEM makes it easier for busy admins to notice unusual behavior patterns and discover potentially threatening anomalies. Increased oversight buys your IT staff more time to catch threats early and improves decision making.

SIEM provides a portal to log security information from devices, servers, and other assets in one central management console. Event management tools show alerts and event correlation that can draw out connections between observed patterns and network threats. Effective log collection allows administrators to parse historical and raw log data for better threat management and business continuity. Real-time alerting means that everyone on the IT team receives an in-time notice of a potential problem to coordinate a response.

SIEM provides you with tools you can use to inspect raw data, unpack trends and organize data, create policies, and set rules for analysis to detect threats. In the event something happens, SIEM provides comprehensive event forensics and analytics that let administrators link data and events, identify and quarantine threats, and unpack the lead up and aftermath of any problems. Improved forensics allows your staff to learn from and ultimately better respond to threats.

Why You Need SIEM Protection Now

Sophisticated hackers are constantly changing their game, adopting more intensive methods of attack. If your organization is still relying on a traditional firewall and base-line reporting tools, it is not prepared for today’s level of threat.

To keep pace with today’s threat landscape, your organization needs to add SIEM to your next generation firewall. As an extensible and customizable solution for IT administrators, SIEM solutions will adapt and scale to your security needs now and into the future.

Network Security Expertise

Xiologix is an experienced systems integrator that partners with best-in-class technologies and can help you develop and implement a secure network infrastructure that will fit your organization’s unique requirements.  To leverage your firewall protection and and secure your assets, Xiologix, will help you decide if a SEIM is the right solution for your organization.